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What is the Chicago Neighborhood Policing Initiative (NPI)?

The Chicago Police Department (CPD) is working to improve relationships with you. NPI is central to CPD’s efforts to improve policing in Chicago, and work collaboratively with residents like you to create a shared vision of public safety. NPI will start first in District 25, which includes the neighborhoods of Montclare, Belmont Cragin, Hermosa, Logan Square and Austin. It will then gradually expand from there.


How will the N.P.I change CPD?

The NPI is an intensive community policing approach that prioritizes relationship building and focusing on the top priorities of the community.

Modeled on the Neighborhood Policing Structure in New York City, NPI is designed to create a true community policing structure that provides for accountability, problem-solving, and increased positive contact between police officers and neighborhood residents. Learn more here.

Part of NPI is a Community Engagement process that will give community members a meaningful voice in how their neighborhoods are policed. 

The goal is to bring residents and police officials together, as equal partners, to produce public safety in their communities. Learn more here.


Why is this work necessary?

In Chicago and across the country, highly policed communities do not have close relationships with the officers who patrol their streets. Instead, residents and law enforcement often face each other with mistrust and cynicism about each other’s intentions.



When the police and the community they serve don’t trust each other, two things happen. First, the public does not work collaboratively with the police department.  Second, in the face of this mistrust, community members are reluctant to call upon the police, and some segments of the public take the law into their own hands. This explains a portion of the violence Chicago is experiencing.


At present, the public has very little voice in how it is policed. There is not enough publicly-available information about what the police do, and why—and even less engagement between the public and the police about those policing methods. 

The result is a lack of public safety, an increase in violent crime, and feelings of powerlessness about police response.

it doesn’t have to be this way.

CPD wants to improve its relationships with the communities it polices, and work with them to reduce violence and crime, and improve public safety. It has asked the Policing Project at NYU School of Law to work with it, and with affected communities, to develop a strategy to improve things – to change and strengthen the relationships between police officers and the people they serve.  NPI is the result.


Who is Involved?

The Policing Project is a nonprofit organization focused on bringing community voice to policing through greater engagement between police and the public on the rules that govern policing. The Policing Project believes policing should be transparent and reflect community values.  That is the essence of the democracy that police officers swear to protect and defend.

Superintendent Johnson invited the Policing Project to help create an innovative neighborhood policing model that will bring officers into more contact with the communities they police in a constructive way, and give community members more say in how they are policed.  The Policing Project has been working closely with CPD, and people and organizations from across District 25.


When is all of this happening?

NPI is already underway in the 25th District, which will serve as the pilot district. The lessons we learn from this work will be used to shape how NPI is rolled out in every neighborhood in Chicago.

Learn more about our work in the 25th and upcoming events.


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