City Club Forum- Chicago at a Crossroads: The Future of Community Policing

Panelists with Members of the Board of City Club of Chicago

Most would readily agree that public safety is important to all of Chicago’s residents and stakeholders regardless of the neighborhood. But perhaps just as importantly, we should agree everyone deserves the same level—and type—of support and investment from the Chicago Police Department and other city services to ensure that our communities are thriving and healthy.

The Chicago Neighborhood Policing Initiative (CNPI), currently being piloted in 10 CPD districts, is an intensive neighborhood-based policing philosophy that emphasizes relationship-building and focuses on the top priorities of community members. CNPI restructures patrol assignments and deployment practices in each district, requiring time off the radio for District Coordination Officers (DCOs) and beat officers to build relationships with community members and work with the community to develop solutions for chronic public safety concerns. CNPI ensures that community policing is not the focus of a subset of police officers in the department, rather every officer in the department works through the lens of creating positive community outcomes

On Wednesday February 1, 2023, the City Club of Chicago hosted an event – Chicago at a Crossroads: The Future of Community Policing. This well attended and timely panel discussion focused on the dire importance of community policing in Chicago and across the country, it was moderated by Laura Washington. The panelists, Andrew Papachristos – faculty director of CORNERS, Mecole Jordan-McBride – Community Director of Chicago Neighborhood Policing Initiative, Roseanna Ander – Executive Director of UChicago Crime Lab, and Michael Milstein – Deputy Director of Community Policing at the Chicago Police Department, discussed the state of community policing in Chicago and what Chicago leadership must take into consideration to achieve public safety outcomes in Chicago moving forward.

We invite you to click here to listen to the discussion.

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