Our Partners

The Chubb Rule of Law Fund

The Chubb Rule of Law Fund’s purpose is to advance the rule of law worldwide by supporting projects that build and strengthen legal institutions. Chubb is committed to the advancement and preservation of the rule of law. Through the Chubb Rule of Law Fund, the company supports organizations and activities that promote conditions conducive to the rule of law, including: the development of rules-based legal systems, with an independent and knowledgeable judiciary, capable of facilitating modern economic activity; the elimination of systemic public and private corruption; the restoration or preservation of safety and security in daily life, free from arbitrary violence or widespread civil disorder; the free flow of information and transparency in the administration of laws and regulations; and meaningful access to, and adequate representation in, civil and criminal proceedings.

The Joyce Foundation

The Joyce Foundation is a nonpartisan private foundation that invests in public policies and strategies to advance racial equity and economic mobility for the next generation in the Great Lakes region.

We support policy research, development, and advocacy in five areas: Education & EconomicMobility, Environment, Gun Violence Prevention & Justice Reform, Democracy, and Culture. Joyce focuses its grant making in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin, and partners with funders to explore promising policy solutions in other states or at the federal level.

The Joyce Foundation has budgeted 2018 charitable distributions of $50 million on assets of approximately $1 billion.

The MacArthur Foundation

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation supports creative people, effective institutions, and influential networks building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. MacArthur is placing a few big bets that truly significant progress is possible on some of the world’s most pressing social challenges, including over-incarceration, global climate change, nuclear risk, and significantly increasing financial capital for the social sector. In addition to the MacArthur Fellows Program, the Foundation continues its historic commitments to the role of journalism in a responsible and responsive democracy, as well as the strength and vitality of our headquarters city, Chicago.

MacArthur is one of the nation’s largest independent foundations. Organizations supported by the Foundation work in about 50 countries. In addition to Chicago, MacArthur has offices in India, Mexico, and Nigeria.

The Polk Bros. Foundation

The Polk Bros. Foundation is a private independent foundation dedicated to building and strengthening Chicago’s families and communities, especially those most affected by poverty and inequity. The Foundation focuses its work at the intersection of Chicago’s most pressing issues to address the complex roots and devastating effects of poverty, challenge inequity, and ensure that all Chicagoans have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

As one of the largest funders of Chicago nonprofit organizations, Polk Bros. Foundation grants more than $25 million to nearly 400 nonprofit partners every year to build strong communities and families, increase access to quality education and the arts, improve health, and strengthen organizations and the sectors in which they work.

The Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation

The Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation (PPFF) is a private, family foundation which supports transformational, sustainable and collaborative initiatives focused on community wellness, violence reduction, the creative arts economy and educational opportunities.

Based in Chicago, PPFF’s strategic grantmaking is locally focused and has driven prevention, intervention and systemic efforts designed to have a positive impact on disinvested and marginalized communities.

PPFF makes capacity building “bigger bets” to build the capacity of dynamic organizations, sustaining annual grants to support strategies in key focus areas, and one-time catalytic grants to spark innovation and leverage public and private investments.

The Chicago Neighborhood Policing Initiative is a program of the Policing Project at NYU School of Law. Learn more about the Policing Project >>