Community Engagement

Our community engagement work is designed to give community members a meaningful voice in how their neighborhoods are policed.

• The Policing Project is working directly with community members in the 25th district, our pilot district, to facilitate conversations about what people actually want from police in their neighborhoods.

• We will establish structures and processes at the district level to facilitate engagement with the CPD district command, and enable residents and police officials to come together as equal partners to co-produce public safety in their communities.

• We are organizing meetings this winter to collaborate with community members on what matters most to them, and how the police can help make their neighborhoods safer. Our role is to cultivate residents’ expertise to help police do their jobs better.

• We will be using leaders’ input and ideas to craft settings in which people will feel comfortable talking openly and honestly about policing in their neighborhoods.

• Our goal is to get as much of the community involved in this process as possible. We are already engaging with leaders from local schools, religious institutions, housing groups and other community organizations to ensure that we hear from as broad a cross-section of the population as possible.

The Chicago Police Department is on board, and community groups have been instrumental in our planning. If we haven’t already heard from you—we want to. Please sign up for email or text updates. Additionally, you can weigh in on some of the questions we’ve been asking community members here.